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File 2016 Tax Form 1040 Free, Printable Forms

File 2016 Income Tax Forms Free
at the IRS Website

Persons who meet certain criteria can file 2015 income tax forms free at the secure IRS website, This website contains a wealth of information for taxpayers, and it is well worth taking time to browse through its available information.

How to File 2016 Income Tax Forms Free

If you wish to file 2016 tax forms free at the IRS website, the procedure is very simple. Anyone with Internet access and a computer can go online, access all required forms, and within a short time have their 2016 tax forms completed and filed electronically with the IRS. Completed forms can be either filed electronically for free or printed out so they can be mailed. You will create a password and PIN number that enables you to return later to view, print, or complete forms online.

Are All Tax Forms Available?

The IRS website offers the most frequently downloaded publications and tax forms in PDF format. This includes instructions and forms for the 1040, 1040-EZ, 1040-A, 4868, W-4, W-9, W-2, 1099-MISC, and many schedules including 1040 Schedules C, A, D, SE, and ES. You also may file a form to receive a deadline extension, if needed. You can easily find the forms you need using viewing lists by publication number, form or instruction number, or by other key criteria. There also is a search box with advanced search capability. Free customer service must also be provided by any associated free file tax companies.

Where is the Free File Software?

Go to the link “Free File: Do Your Federal Taxes for Free” to access software used by many brand-name tax preparation companies or to go to fillable forms you can complete online. Be sure to have your 2016 W-2s plus other return forms like 1099s ready when you are working on these forms. Look at your 2015 tax form adjusted gross income (AGI) first.

Are There Limitations When You Use Free File?

The next step is to select which free file tax software you wish to use. Your AGI must be under $64,000 to use this software. If your AGI is above that number, you still may use free file online fillable forms to do your own tax forms for the Federal Income Tax. State tax forms are not available with this option. To select the right free file tax software, the IRS website offers you either a list of free file companies, or you can click on a link that will help you locate the right one for your needs, according to your answers to simple questions. There are at least 17 different brand-name software choices, including ones from famous companies like H&R Block, TurboTax, and Free TaxACT. Each may have different criteria and be restricted to residents of certain states.

Are Free File Companies Endorsed by the IRS?

The IRS does not endorse any of these companies. Once you click through on a link, you will be taken to that company’s website. The IRS has no affiliation with any of these companies. Once at a provider website, you will find instructions for filling out your free file tax forms and for transmitting your information electronically to the IRS office in your district. The Federal Tax Form 1040 filling is free, but each company may charge a small fee for state tax filing.

Note: The only way to get the free file service is to begin your free file return right at the website. If you think about it and later return to a tax company website, the company will charge you a fee. If you must return, come back via the website links.

File 2016 Income Tax Forms Free and Fast

Filing your 2016 income tax form electronically online is the safe and fast way to get this chore finished. You will be able to track the progress of your refund status online within 72 hours, and you should receive any refund faster by filing electronically. There is no need to download software. All of the information is secure and encrypted. You will create an electronic signature and an e-filing PIN number. The tax file software is very user friendly, and you should have no problems completing your tax forms and filing electronically. Best of all, it is free!

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2016 Tax Form Extension

Many times it is impossible for a taxpayer to file tax returns on time.  Use Form 4868 for a 2016 tax form extension for 6 months more time to file.

Form 4868 is the one to use to apply for an automatic 2016 tax form extension of 6 months, until October 15, 2017.  The Form 4868 must be filed by the April 15, 2017 deadline, with or without your payment of tax due.  Do not panic if you are not ready to file your regular tax forms by the filing date; Form 4868 is your key to gaining the extension of time to file your tax forms.  Just get it in the mail before midnight on that date, or e-file it online before the deadline.

This 4-page form can be found online for easy print-outs that you can mail, or you can e-file the form at the IRS website,  Do not file this form both ways, online and by mail; just file using one of these methods.  If you are filing Form 4868 by mail, you have the opportunity to avoid penalties by attaching a separate letter of explanation about why you need extra time, but this is not required.  You also can pay all or part of your tax bill at the same time, either with a check by mail, or by using a credit or debit card electronically online.  If you e-file but then want to send in a paper check or money order, do send along a copy of Form 4868 with your payment.

Form 4868 allows taxpayers an additional 6 months to file their tax forms.  It does not, however, extend the time allowed for payment of any tax due. If you do not or cannot pay your entire tax bill on time, at the April 15, 2017, deadline, interest and penalties will be charged.  The IRS may send you a bill, and if payment is not made, or a payment plan set up, they can proceed with collection measures, including placing a Federal lien on your assets, or seizing and selling assets.  Persons who are out of the country may receive a 4 month extension, and those on active military duty may be able to get a 1 year extension of time.  The form includes instructions and mailing addresses for IRS service centers.

Any tax due still must be paid in full by the regular due date of April 15, 2017, to avoid late fees, interest and penalties. If you want the IRS to calculate your tax return, file by the regular due date and do not use Form 4868.  Likewise, if you are under a court order to file on time, file on time.  Use the 2016 tax form extension courtesy if you must, but by all means, make every effort to pay any tax due before the regular due date.  Penalties accrue, and details can be found in Publication 17 from the IRS website. 



Penalty for Late Filing of 2016 Tax Forms

With the tax filing deadline rushing quickly toward taxpayers, some who want to file on time will be unable to do so, and they may incur a penalty for late filing of 2016 tax forms. No matter what your financial situation might be, it is essential to file the return before the deadline, even if you are unable to pay all or even part of the tax that is due.

Why Do People File Tax Forms Late?

There are a myriad of reasons why someone may feel that they are unable to file their 2016 tax forms on time. Many do not simply because they are unable to pay the tax amount due. This is a huge mistake that will incur a hefty penalty that can easily be avoided. Persons that are mobile, moving around the country, or who are seriously ill and cannot manage their affairs may have to file tax forms late. Others are out of the country at the time the due date for filing 2016 tax forms occurs. Some persons are on active military duty and unable to make their filing on time. The IRS does provide an extension option for persons that are either out of the country or on military duty when the tax forms are to be filed and taxes paid.

What Is the Penalty for Late Filing of 2016 Tax Forms?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the penalty that is levied for late tax form filing is 0.5% of any tax amount you owe, per month. This accrues monthly until the penalty reaches 25% of that unpaid amount. There will be interest charged on the amount overdue. Interest is compounded daily at whatever the current the Federal short term rate is plus 3%. For example, in 2008, the penalty rate was a total of 6%. For January 2013, the monthly Federal short term rate wa 0.19%. After 60 days late, the minimum penalty can be the smaller of $135 for returns filed after 2008, or 100% of the tax due.

At What Point Does the Penalty Occur?

If you have not paid at least 90% of your unpaid tax by the April 15, 2017 deadline, a penalty is assessed.

How Can I Avoid the Late Filing Penalty?

It is possible to avoid the late filing penalty if you file Form 4868 for an extension of time. The extension of time is 6 months, so in 2017 the extension due date is October 15. An automatic 2 month extension can be granted to persons who are living or working abroad. Military personnel who are located in a combat zone get 180 days automatic extension. Any victims of a disaster declared by the President, or those who are victims of a terroristic or military action also receive a 1 year extension.

How Do I Get an Automatic Extension? 

It is necessary to request an automatic extension for all situations. Do this by filing Form 4868 on paper, via mail and postmarked prior to the tax form deadline date, or e-file electronically with your return. Do not do both. It is necessary to attach an explanation of the reason why you need an extension. On Form 4868, line 8, you may also request an additional 4 months extension time. Married taxpayers can get an extension even if only one of the couple qualifies.

What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Tax?

You may incur a failure to pay penalty, a failure to file penalty, and interest. The IRS may file your form for you, and assess appropriate tax and penalty to you. If you do not pay after receiving a bill from the IRS, additional collection procedures may take place, including wage garnishment or seizure of property. Placement of a Federal Tax Lien will affect your credit record.

Is There Another Option for Hardship?

Yes, the penalties for late filing and tax payment may be eliminated if there is a reasonable cause and the lateness is not related to willful neglect. It is necessary to either send in a written hardship explanation with the tax bill to the appropriate IRS service center where your return is to be mailed, or call the IRS service toll free telephone number at 800-829-1040 for help. For most situations, there will be no decision made until and after any tax owed is paid in full. Another option is a payment plan. This is an installment payment program and there is a fee and the penalty rate is slightly reduced.

The bottom line with regard to any penalty for late filing of 2016 tax forms is that you must contact the IRS or incur a penalty. Contact means either filing your tax return on time, or calling the IRS to make payment arrangements or to discuss your return problems. The best resource about paying taxes on time and late penalties is IRS Publication 17, which can be accessed online.




Is Electronic Filing of 2016 Tax Forms the Fastest Method?

The IRS reminds taxpayers that the fastest way to file 2016 income tax returns is electronically. Using e-file also speeds up receipt of tax refunds. Taxpayers who have filed their tax returns using e-file can use a handy tool provided on the
IRS website called “Where’s My Refund” to track the status of any refunds. Tracking refunds is possible 72 hours after the IRS acknowledges receipt of the e-filed return; refunds to those who submit 2016 tax forms by mail should be expected in three to four weeks time.

The 2017 IRS tax filing deadline is April 15,  and taxpayers should be aware that penalties for late filing of tax returns is firm for that date; taxpayers should be sure that any mailed returns are postmarked by April 15, 2017 to avoid penalties.



Find Free Printable IRS Tax Forms
Including 2015 Form 1040

It may come as no surprise to taxpayers that to find free printable IRS tax forms including 2016 Form 1040, 1040-EZ and 1040-A, just look on the government website, Getting the latest and most accurate tax forms for free online is simple, and all you need to do is go to their website, find the forms you need and print them out at home. If you only have a computer but not a printer, you can simply go to a friend’s house or the public library and do the job. There may be a tiny charge at libraries for each page printed, like a dime or so, but you still will be able to obtain printable IRS tax forms quickly. You also are able to work with previous tax year forms for some years, including 2014 IRS tax forms.

Can I File 2016 IRS Tax Forms Free Online?

If you only want to print out a free IRS tax form including 2016 Form 1040 and others as a blank form, you can do that. The reason that the online IRS tax forms are printable is because you can even complete them online, print the forms on your own printer, and they are ready to mail. Even better is taking advantage of the IRS free e-file tax form opportunity. Not only can you fill in your 2016 tax forms online for free, you can complete them and file them immediately online with free e-file service. The forms are instantly transmitted to the proper IRS location; you will be notified when they are accepted by the IRS. You can then track progress until you get an estimated date of when any refund might be sent out to you by mail or electronically.

What Is Available for Free Tax Form Filing Online?

In addition to the 2016 tax forms, you can print out or view tax form instructions online for free at the IRS website. From, you also can access free tax form filing software from major tax preparation companies like H&R Block, TaxAct, and TurboTax. These programs are online and very easy to use. You can take advantage of this as a free service for the Federal 1040 Tax Form provided your annual income is less than $64,000. This is the choice of many who have lower incomes and simple returns to complete. Everything is done securely with encrypted information to help avoid identity theft.

Is Filing 2016 Tax Forms Online Safe?

There is no reason to fear doing your complete IRS tax forms, including 2016 Form 1040 and other forms online. It is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and secure way to do this annual duty. You do not have to pay for forms, postage or preparation if you do tax forms free online yourself. Find your free printable IRS tax forms including 2016 Form 1040, 1040-EZ, and 1040-A, Schedule A and other forms online at the IRS website. The free tax filing online service is especially convenient for persons living in remote areas or those who wait until the last minute to do tax forms.

Note: There are many websites that also offer free printable IRS tax forms, but you can go to the IRS, the original source. You may wish to consult with other tax preparation companies for state tax forms. The IRS has all of the latest Federal 2016 Form 1040 and other tax forms updates, changes and forms that meet new requirements ready for you.

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