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Family Facebook Fights

Family Facebook fights are a new vehicle now being used for airing family issues.  Facebook has taken over the Internet by storm, as one of the foremost websites for conducting social networking and keeping in touch with family and friends.  According to Google Insights for Search, “Facebook Log-in” is a top search topic in 2011.  The interest in Facebook has grown amazingly high since 2004, all around the globe.

What is a Facebook Fight?

Facebook fight, as a phrase, has gained a place online at Urban Dictionary, where the definition is applied to fighting between young people, usually two.  The fight begins in earnest when the friends of the participants begin to get involved in tossing insults and lies back and forth.  Occasionally this taunting can lead to actual physical fighting and emotional harm.  The worst outcome that has been seen is teen suicide.

Examples of Facebook Fights

Yet another website devoted to publicizing posted Facebook fights is “Facebook Fights – Public Fights That Should Have Been Private.”   Here, viewers can read expletive deleted copies of the text of published Facebook fights.  Another website featuring Facebook fights is Lamebook.  There even are groups people can join right on Facebook that are for those who dislike others who fight publicly on the website.

What are Family Facebook Fights?

When family issues are at stake and multiple family members get involved, the entire family Facebook fight can become a real personal problem for all members.  Branches of a family are loyal to their loved one, and soon it becomes cousin against cousin, and aunt against aunt, and so forth.  For example, an aunt with an issue may tell a cousin to “stay out of it” but then the cousin replies that she doesn’t have to stay out of it, it is her family.  The comments fly back and forth at a furious pace, and other family members chip in and so do their Facebook Friends.  In-laws get involved and soon the physiological heat is felt just as if the argument were in person.  One problem with a published text fight on Facebook is that the text can later be deleted, changed, edited or enhanced.  It becomes a fluid fight that may never end.

What Happens in a Facebook Fight?

Cooling off family Facebook fights may be an issue for time alone to heal, but in many cases, participants simply quit posting or delete that opposing family member and friends from their “Friends” listing.  During the fight, comments end up on status updates, reply comments, and the infamous wall pages.  Frequently, the fights involve either money or things someone has said against another family member.  Misinformation gets passed around like hors d’oeuvres for everyone to consume.  Some people even get empty threats of lawsuit action against them.

Many family Facebook fights are an attempt to prove who is right.  Other Facebook fights are a struggle to gain public opinion, and participants do not seem to care that their dirty laundry is getting aired in public.  Still other “fights” are just for fun, believe it or not, or so the participants claim.  Is the pen in this case mightier than the sword?  The end result may be fractured relationships, hurt feelings, and an end to family communication.  This is the exact opposite of what Facebook was created to promote.


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Why Girls Love Bruno Mars Songs  

There are three big reasons why girls love Bruno Mars songs:  beautiful words, beautiful melodies and beautiful feelings are expressed.   Bruno Mars has truly taken a front seat on the world wide stage, with number one hits all around the globe.  Mars hit the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts in October of 2010, and followed that feat with top rankings in England and European countries soon after.

It doesn’t take much to figure out why girls love Bruno Mars songs.  His lyrics express feelings and words that every girl wants to hear.  At his sold out concerts, the girls are singing along, having memorized the lyrics to all his love songs long before the event.  An advice column on the website brought responses from girls that ran at least 60% in favor of “Just the Way You Are” as their favorite hit Bruno Mars song.

Bruno Relates to Girls

In a People magazine interview, Bruno Mars told the reporter that growing up around 4 sisters gave him plenty of insight into what boyfriends didn’t say that the girls wanted to hear.  During another interview published online at, he attributes this early education to his affinity for writing “such sappy songs” that also are becoming mega-hits.  He also admires songs by Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton.  Those hits are respectively, You Are So Beautiful and Wonderful Tonight.

Dressed in his signature Fedora hat, Bruno hits the stage with energy, a soft manner and voice that many find amazing.  Listeners claim to love the songs, listening to the hits over and over, 100 times a day, and all day long.  Favorite tunes include Just the Way You Art, Count on Me, Talking to the Moon, Nothing on You, Grenade, Marry You, The Lazy Song, and The Other Side.  A common thread of love, unrequited love, and passionate feelings permeate the lyrics that are mostly written by Mars.

A Talented Young Man

Bruno Mars is a celebrity at a young age, just 25, but he already has many hit songs and collaborations out with others, including Travie McCoy on Billionaire, Damian Marley on Liquor Store Blues, B. o. B, and others.  He also has participated in writing award winning songs for Cee Lo Green and Eminem.  His talents are broad, as is easily seen in his writing of lyrics, tunes and in his vocal works.

Lyrics Tell the Story

Lyrics are a huge reason why girls love Bruno Mars songs.  Bruno says what the girls wish their boyfriends would tell them, and he says it over and over.  He specializes in romantic, sappy stuff like “I would die for you Baby…” and letting the girlfriend know she’s perfect, amazing, don’t change a thing, stay just the way you are.  He says the whole world stops because she’s so beautiful, and he tells the girls this every day.  Finally, someone is saying the right words that girls want to hear and that “special someone” is Bruno Mars.  On his “Nothing on You” love song, Bruno croons about how he’s seen beautiful girls all over the word but none have anything over his girl.  Another melting moment comes during the love making song, “Our First Time,” when Bruno tells his love her wish is his command, he will treat her like a princess and that she is so delicious that, just like an ice cream on a hot summer day, he wants to eat her before she melts away.  These are lyrics strong enough to make girls of all ages melt!

In writing these famous lyrics, Mars says he was just telling a story, of love or unrequited love that is not returned to him.  Pain, romance, beauty and love are central themes.  Just the Way You Are was written by his group The Smeezingtons, Khall Walton, and Neediz.  His hit album was released in the U.S. on July 20, 2010, titled Doo-Wops & Hooligans.  With lyric ability like that, it is no surprise why girls love Bruno Mars songs.

Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan: Are They a Golden Child Gone Wild?  

Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan:  are they each a a golden child gone wild?  At first glance, it looks like Charlie and Lindsay were lucky to be born into a star studded life of fame, glamour and money.  Look closer and watch egos and cash running astray right into brick walls of substance abuse and arrogance by each golden child.

Charlie Sheen, recently in the news over various incidences of drug use, rehab trips and arrogant, angry tirades in the media, now wants CBS to pay him a hefty raise from $1.2 million to $3 million dollars per episode for his role on their popular sitcom, Two and a Half Men.   Charlie, 45 year old son of actor Martin Sheen and brother to actor Emilio Estevez, grew up around showbiz.  His film career began in 1974, with The Execution of Private Slovik.  He has starred in 62 movies and numerous other productions.

Well-publicized as the highest paid actor on television, Sheen has been venting publicly his displeasure with CBS producer Chuck Lorre, after production of the remainder of the show this season was shut down due to his shenanigans.  True to form, Sheen boasts about a possible upcoming program on HBO that will bring him an enormous salary of $5 million per episode.   His arrogance continues to show in his latest public broadcast appearances where he claims to be “special” and somehow above ordinary people.  He feels he is exempt from rules for ordinary people, those who, in his words, do not “have tiger blood or Adonis DNA” in them.  One wonders if the public will tire of this golden child gone wild.

Lindsay Lohan appears to be yet another young, famous and wealthy starlet who arrogantly believes rules do not apply to her, and that she is so “special” that she can do whatever she wants to do.  Failures to appear in court, failures to continue court ordered drug testing, violations of probation, and continued drug use may land this young lady in prison on her latest infractions of the rules.  The 34 year old actress has devastated her career and reputation in recent years.  From child model to Disney movie star, young Lindsay had a dream career and snared lead roles in smash movies like Mean Girls.

All her siblings have been either models or actors, and Lindsay grew up in a world of Ford Models, television commercials and television programs.  Her parents are divorced. Her father was a former Wall Street trader, businessman and a pasta business owner, while mother Dina found fame as a dancer and singer.  Public appearances are routine for this family and especially for Lindsay.  She branched off into a fruitful career as singer and actress, and with her role in Mean Girls became a teen queen.

Around 2006, Lindsay’s rough personal life experiences following the divorce of her parents led her to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, and later saw charges filed against her for drug and alcohol use and careless driving.  In 2007, Lohan actually spent 84 minutes in jail.  She has since struggled with personal life challenges, paparazzi problems, drinking, rehab visits, and further legal problems.  The latest felony grand theft charges may land her in jail if she does not accept a plea bargain deal.  She is yet another golden child gone wild.

Golden Child Gone Wild

Both Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan look, act, and believe they are a golden child, but in real life those children have gone wild.  They display total arrogance in their attitudes and actions.  Lohan ignores court orders, and Sheen has stated that he is special and privileged, above the rest of society with no equal.  They are receiving press coverage, but are they still working?  Is what should have been blessed careers instead dumpster quality trash?_______________________________________

Use Facebook Templates to Create Designer Facebook Pages

Go creatively wild with your social networking when you use Facebook Templates to create designer Facebook pages.  This new application of web content technology is exciting for users and pleasing for viewers.  Instead of the same old copycat Facebook page that millions of other members are using, you can add a customizable Facebook Template to your existing Facebook blog page.  The design potential is virtually endless.  Just imagine having true high quality visuals, sound, music and motion on your Facebook page today.  The options for use of Facebook Templates for business purposes are exciting also.  Imagine being able to turn your Facebook page into an effective business showcase that all your friends, fans and visitors can explore and enjoy.

What is a Facebook Template?

A template is essentially a basic foundation, a pattern or stepping stone to the next level of designing a web content page.  It is professionally pre-designed and color coordinated, with text font styles, colors and icons that all go together pleasingly from a design viewpoint.  Once you have set up the template, you can go into the page elements and customize the entire page to suit your individual taste and purpose.  You do not need to know code or other technical computer skills; everything is user friendly.  These templates include Flash XML technology, making your visual enhancements exciting, fast and amazing.

What Design Options Are Available?

Add full color photographic images, special icons, text and other interesting elements that will set your Facebook page apart from others.  Use video clips, sound and music to showcase your activities, friends, family and pets.  Or, make your Facebook page style more commercial to take advantage of social networking for marketing a product, service or a business.  Use your favorite choice from a gallery of available stock templates, or you can have one custom designed for your exclusive use.

Use for Personal or Business Facebook Networking

The options are vast and varied, and the potential with Facebook Templates is virtually limitless.  Facebook Templates are designed by professional web content artists, and they give you a big boost in visibility and the ability to stand out from the crowd.  You get to have the fun of entering your own content, with confidence that the outcome will remain top notch quality.  You may enjoy more visitors as word spreads around your Facebook friend network that it is worth taking a closer look at how you have changed and customized an ordinary Facebook page into a dynamic, exciting, and visually interesting web page using Facebook Templates.

Be first of your friends to use Facebook Templates to create designer Facebook pages.  They are available in many places, both commercially and also right on the Facebook website.  You also can use Facebook Templates on your own blog website; it is a new and popular template style.


Guest Appearance by Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah – Life Lessons  

Recently, television viewers were privileged to enjoy a guest appearance by Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah.  The theme of this reunion show focused on life lessons, why Iyanla left the Oprah Winfrey Show, and it was an opportunity to introduce her newest book, Peace from Broken Pieces

Iyanla on the Oprah Show

Millions of Oprah viewers remember Iyanla Vanzant, a well-known relationship expert, from her previous regular segments on the Oprah Winfrey Show, beginning in the late 1990s. Viewers enjoyed her humorous approach to life, and advice about loving oneself to make life better.    This appearance was special, because it was the first time in 11 years that Iyanla had been a guest on the Oprah Show, following a strange disappearance from the popular talk show. 

Of many relationship experts that have made guest appearances on the Oprah Show, Iyanla Vanzant was indeed one of the most popular during her 20 visits.  Iyanla, Dr. Phil, and Suze Orman all were making headlines and growing in popularity during those years when Oprah was focusing on a theme of making life improvement changes.  All three personalities went forward to great fame, celebrity and programs of their own; Dr. Phil and Suze Orman programs are still running strong.

Money Problems

Fame and fortune hit Iyanla with a double whammy.  As a very poor teen mother on welfare, and experiencing the trauma of a rape, her move from obscurity into the limelight was not easy.  She admits knowing “nothing” and making mistakes.  Over time, she earned and lost millions of dollars, and is herself starting over from scratch with her new book.  Some of the video shown on this two part program was quite funny, including a clip both Iyanla and Oprah found laughable that showed Iyanla wearing a very long leather coat with what she called her “homeless” hat.

Many fans also enjoyed Iyanla’s featured appearances as a life coach on the daytime women’s show, Starting Over.  She became a special friend to many of the women on that program, which was a very popular show.  Jill Tracey, one of the staring over housemates, became especially fond of Iyanla and her strong advice, and continues to maintain touch with Iyanla.  Recent advice given from Iyanla to Jill Tracey was to help others.  This author also became a fan of the series, and eventually developed a friendship with Ms. Tracey that continues today.  The bonds of friendship and Iyanla’s important message are both reasons that this article has been created.

Iyanla, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman

In her best earning year, Iyanla Vanzant brought in a whopping $3.3 million dollars.  The jump from welfare to multi-millions of dollars barely fazed her, as she admits she had no clue about what to do.  So, she did what others told her, and in the end, lost everything.  The termination of her guest appearances on Oprah came just two years after the beginning, while the show was trying to offer her a program of her own, similar to Dr. Phil and Suze Orman.  Unbeknownst to the Oprah Show executives, Iyanla had also received a program offer from Barbara Walters.  Iyanla, in her own way, asked the Oprah executives if she could have her own show immediately, and let them know she did have another offer.  They declined and that was the end of her Oprah appearances.

Oprah Silences the Rumors

Never one to let negative rumors run rampant, when news of Iyanla’s newest book arrived, Oprah Winfrey herself decided to bridge the gap and asked Iyanla to again come on her show to clear the air of any misunderstandings.  Iyanla began with an apology, which Oprah said had been given to her years ago when Iyanla first wrote a letter of explanation to her.  The misunderstanding was on both sides back then.  Oprah believed Iyanla when she said her opportunity for getting a program immediately was from God, and Oprah was not about to stand in the way of that impetus.  She believed she was providing Iyanla with an approval, but Iyanla saw the situation differently.  She did not have a firm offer from Barbara Walters, and at a dinner meeting told the superstar she wanted to stay at Harpo.  But then Oprah was willing to release Iyanla to go make her God inspired career move.

Problems in Programming

Iyanla thought Oprah didn’t like or want her, but Oprah did.  Iyanla was not ready to learn the life lesson, or to hear the conversation and know what it meant.  She was from a poor background, suddenly caught between two of the most important women in broadcasting.  She did get the show from Walters, but those producers did not share her vision in the way that Harpo executives would have done.  It was a million dollar deal that soon ended.  Whereas Oprah wanted Iyanla for what Iyanla wanted to do, the others only wanted her for her fame and what they wanted her to do.  There is a big difference.

Tragedy Strikes at Home

Iyanla admits that she is a woman who was used to being treated badly, and therefore she put up with what was not happening in her favor.  Instead, she went to her office or to anyone nearby and cried each night.  The Iyanla Show only made it through one season before she decided to leave.  Another tragic blow occurred when her daughter, Gemmia, passed away after from cancer on Christmas morning, 2003. This personal tragedy followed the collapse of her empire, lost book deals and the failure of her marriage.

Starting Over

But, always clinging to optimism and hope, Iyanla explains to Oprah that she felt going through all these disasters brought her to where she is at today.  Her life is in her new book, Peace from Broken Pieces.  After the death of her daughter, Iyanla struggled and even contemplated suicide.  She just wanted to end the pain.  But, from somewhere inside, perhaps the Holy Spirit, a voice told her to get up and get on with life.  From that pain, Iyanla did start over then, as a guest life coach helping others on Starting Over.

Her pain financially was just as significant.  She went from millions to nothing in a flash, mostly because she knew nothing about using money and felt she had a welfare mentality about it.  IRS penalties and several lawsuits against her resulted in having no income today from most of her best-selling books. 

Today, Iyanla Vanzant lives a very quiet, simple and inexpensive lifestyle.  She has moved from a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle to one of prayer to prayer.  She is at peace with God and herself.  She expresses the thought that she had to go through all those experiences to get where she is today, and that she has learned and is a better person due to those life lessons. She is open to receiving whatever God presents to her in life.  This guest appearance by Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah is another beginning.

Halloween – Time for Parties, Costumes and Fun 

Halloween has become the best-loved party day of the year recently in the U.S. and is the second most-decorated occasion, according to research by pop-culture expert Robert Thompson.  This Syracuse University director specializes in the study of television and popular culture.  His findings show that in the U.S. spending on Halloween is up to around $5 billion per year on this holiday that mostly involves partying, costumes and candy.  Adults are now participating in record numbers, because they are the ones that grew up and enjoyed celebrating Halloween as children after World War II.

Part of the popularity of this celebration is that it is a great opportunity for adults and children to freely express any whimsical idea they want, from dressing up like a vampire or as a princess.  Many popular costumes are those that resemble celebrities.  This is a secular holiday, although some Christians do view it as a pagan celebration.  For the most part, Halloween is just wide-open fun for all.

Halloween, in the United States, is widely celebrated as a time for parties, costumes and fun.  Many people go to extremes for decorating; Halloween is the second most-decorated occasion in the year after Christmas.  Many parties and lawns feature decorations that are oversized props.  Coffins, gravestones, gargoyles, castles, skeletons, ghosts, witches and zombies are placed with care in spooky scenarios for passersby to enjoy.

Indoor fun includes games like bobbing for apples, haunted house tours, pumpkin carving contests and other seasonal games.  Farms offer orchard tours and hayrides for those that wish to enjoy fall weather and colors.  Many people visit the nearest pumpkin patch to select just the right one to carve up into their own Jack O’ Lantern to set out on the porch on Halloween night to welcome visiting trick-or-treaters.

Children always love Halloween because it usually involves getting some free candy, popcorn balls, nuts and other treats.  This tradition became widespread in the U.S. after World War II, and these children are the adults today that enjoy continued Halloween fun with partying and costumes.  Popular costumes include ghosts, pirates, princesses, monsters, witches and celebrity garb with lifelike masks. 

The Halloween holiday has pagan roots, so some Christians do not like to celebrate the holiday, but most do not mind the mild fun and play of Halloween.  The official day for Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, falls on October 31st each year, the day before All Saints Day on November 1st.  Seasonal harvest celebrations began several centuries ago, in the mid-16th Century, as Irish visitors traveled around praying for the dead in exchange for food.  By the middle of the 19th Century, the holiday had travelled across the ocean to the Americas and the tone was lighter and more on the fun side of things.  By the middle of the 20th Century, Halloween was well established as a fun event.

Traditional Halloween party and fun involves costumes, scary stories, treats and late night hours.  The official colors are black and orange, so the pumpkin fits into the party plan just right.  The turnip was the original carved vegetable, but in America pumpkins were more available and easier to carve.  Other traditional Halloween foods include sweet corn, pumpkin pie and fruitcake.  Halloween is not celebrated in every country.

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