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Grandma's Little Black Book

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Mega E-Book 1 - Life Strategies

New - a compilation of 6 related e-Books that deal with life and how to win! 
$10.00  ---  Over 34,000 words - an exceptional value!

·        Positive Thinking Success and You

·        Make a Business Plan for Life

·        Everybody Makes Mistakes

·        Benefits of Stress Free Living

·        Stuff – What to do with Stuff

·        Boomer Living Without a Schedule


New!       How to Land a Good Job

Guide for the Millennial - What You Need to Know and How to Do It

$2.99      Here's what you need to know to get hired...from search to interview to on-the-job smarts.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------             Life in the Living Room - Grandma on Call                  

My Life - Action Guide for:  Life from Single Mom to Senior Success through Online Writing & More

           $4.99       Life in the Living Room is a chronology of the author’s background as a single mother, now a grandmother and a brief recap of her experience with online writing. This eBook contains helpful advice for all mothers and anyone who wants to get away from feeling stuck by their circumstances. It contains important life information needed to help make your dreams a reality and for living in the present.


Personal Injury Lawsuits & Settlements    $5.99

This is a short guide to Personal Injury Lawsuits & Settlements. Six selected articles that tell about this legal remedy, when to call your attorney and information about settlements - why people take them, why they sell them and how to get cash from your settlement. This eBook contains basic information to know before you call your attorney, so you will better understand the legal actions. Read this to gain basic knowledge about this aspect of the law.  



20 Steps for Start-Up Business Marketing  $6.99

20 Steps for Start-Up Business Marketing is a basic instruction manual for getting your new business idea off to a running start. Increase your chances of success by understanding what it takes to make your gem of an idea thrive. Build a solid foundation and map your way to growth and prosperity by doing all the little things needed to help make your dream a reality.





Make the most of your valuable time during retirement - planning, doing, enjoying life to the max!


Make a Business Plan for Life $4.99

Every successful business reaches goals by having a solid business plan. You can put this same technique to work for you in your personal life by following a few simple steps. This ebook explains the how to create your own personal business plan for life and what you need to do to put this life map to work for your own success. Use this information to change your life for the better and gain control over important areas, such as finances. In the long run, when you make a business plan for life, you can save time and money while getting more enjoyment from your efforts.


EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES - How to Come Back (Recover) from the Abyss  $5.95


Mistakes, choices – these are things everybody makes, but when your choices end up affecting you negatively and causing problems, your choices were mistakes. Mistakes are common and they are correctable. By recognizing that there is a problem, or mistake, caused by your bad choices, you are on the road to recovery if you want to make better choices.

Consider your life today and how bad choices, mistakes, have affected you and others around you. Is it time to make some changes? Read how in this eBook, Everybody Makes Mistakes – How to Come Back (Recover) from the Abyss.


POSITIVE LIVING: Thinking, Winning, Selling, Writing

Positive Living: Thinking, Winning, Selling, Writing is a short guide to understanding how important it is to practice positive living. Positive thinking, winning, selling and writing all work together to achieve overall positive living. With this remarkable internal force working to improve your life, you are more likely to achieve your goals in all phases of life.

Learn about happiness, dreams, plans, mentors, friendship, successful life management and how to avoid negative thinking. This eBook describes how selling and writing contribute to life success, and how keeping a personal journal can be a useful tool.      $6.99


All You Need To Know About Payday Loans

If you are thinking about your first payday loan, this is the information you need:  $3.99


SWITCH BACK TO CASH - How To Stop Spending and Save Your Money

Get control over your financial life and start saving your money instead of paying out high interest fees to creditors.  Switch back to cash and avoid paying hundreds of dollars out for no return.  Use these tips and guildlines to stop spending. Includes two simple budget charts and many useful stop spending tips. $4.99



Freelance Writer's Guide to Making Money Online
all you need to know - tips for beginners
$$$     $4.99 - 13 PDF pages of information plus great links to websites where you can make money online with your freelance writing skills.  Order now and join the cloud crowd for extra income.



Here is the slot playing system that can help you stop losing ALL your money at the casino.
Learn how to stop the drain on your cash and minimize your losses.  Many important tips!

NEW!   Only  $3.99



     GRANDMA'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK - MONEY MENTOR - What You Should Know About Money              

     $4.99 - 36 PDF pages filled with all a young person should know about money
How to earn money, how to save money and what to do with it. 
Great gift idea for the high school graduate or young person in college. 
Parents, this is for you too!  Never too old to learn; money is important!

Order here and now:



GRANDMA'S NEWEST EBOOK: FIFTY Ways to Be a Dick (Advice for Women)

This eBook takes a humorous look at the basic differences between men and women, and how men get ahead by being obnoxious. A must-read for all women who want to know how men get better pay, more exciting jobs and general overall better success in life than do women.




$4.99  - 15 PDF pages all about how to get started making money with eBay!
Beginner's Guide to Making Money on eBay and the Internet!




Positive Thinking, Success & You - Learn how with this ebook, only $5.99


   Getting It Back Again - A short story of love and self-renewal, By Linda Carol Everett
Getting It Back Again is a short romance story that captures a moment in time when the main character, Fran, seeks advice and direction from a not-yet-forgotten lover, Mel.  Despite previous promises to go their separate ways, the couple reunites for one more romantic interlude.  Fran trusts Mel; Mel never stopped loving Fran. This is a “love never dies” story.  
                                       Short Story: 12 PDF pages


                           GRANDMA'S LOSING WEIGHT TIPS - newest ebook! 


Learn weight loss tips from Grandma, who has seen, heard and tried many diets over her past six decades. Use this eBook as a quick guide for how to diet and stay on track so that this time you are successful in losing weight. Grandma covers many topics, including General Starting Tips, stress, food, shopping, exercise, portion size, calories, food logs and nutrition. 

                       Great tips for losing weight on any program you're on!  8 PDF pages, $3.99



Benefits of Stress Free Living is a short ebook that describes what stress is and how the physical, mental and emotional effects of too much stress can be detrimental. Learn what stress is, how to manage stress in your life, activities to do that can help relieve stress and how reducing stress can improve your health. Life is too short to allow stressful living to make it even shorter because that stress is ruining your health.

PDF - 7 pages - $4.99


STUFF - What To Do With Stuff - New eBook from Grandma

STUFF – What To Do With Stuff – is a short and humorous look at the stuff most people collect throughout their lifetime. Ebook offers some good suggestions for how to deal with STUFF and move forward. The author uses an acronym for STUFF – Start Today Unload Fearlessly Forever – to make her point that stuff is basically just baggage that can hold a person down; getting rid of and dealing with stuff can be a freeing experience and well worth the effort. Get rid of "stuff" once and for all!  Unload that life burden that is holding you down! Order now!

PDF - 8 pages - $3.99

Smart Home Tips: Credit, Money, Budget, Debt, Payday Loans

Staying ahead of monetary problems is the top tip you need to remember for running a smart home. This ebook offers proven advice about how to deal with credit, money, budget, debt and payday loans. Once your money house is in order, most other problems should fall in line as well. Money can be managed better by understanding this basic information. This is the book for all young homemakers who want to have a great financial future.

PDF - 33 pages - $5.99



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